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    Pax Credit Card Machine For Business

    Never pay card acceptance fees again

    The all in one payment soltuion for any business is Pax Credit card machine. Boost your sales with this global technology tools with many built in features.

     0% Card acceptance fees

     Free merchant account

    Next day settlement

     Free business debit card

     Payment gateway

    What is Pax Credit Card Machine?

    Pax is a modern payment device that can help you to take payment from your customer on your shop, saloon, parlars, restaurant, on going and more. This is the powerful tools with many built in features & accept all types of payment through this credit card machine.

    Take Payment from

     At customers’ doors

     At fairs, conferences, and festivals

     At curbside

     At tables

     At the counter

    Why Choose Pax Credit card machine?

    There are many causes to choose Pax Machine to your business. But here is the best coolest features for choosing Pax.

    Accept all types payment

    You can accept all types of payments from one pax machine, take payment through credit card, debit card and also digital wallets.

    Built-in features

    Pax have many built in features that can help you to grow your business easily.

    Manage virtually

    You can manage your customer data and also official worker data virtually.

    How do Pax card machines work?

    Pax card machines is a globally technology ( EFT-POS ) Electronic funds transfer point of sale devices that allow businesses to accept credit and debit card payments.

    They work by connecting to a payment processor, such as a bank, which then authorizes the transaction and transfers the funds to the merchant.

    This powerfull dynamic machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be either standalone or integrated into a POS system.

    Pax have many built in features include a built-in printer for receipts,10hrs battery backup, a display screen for customer interaction, and a keypad for entering PIN numbers.

    7 Coolest Features of a Pax Credit Card Machine

    After our many clients five start review and 100% satisfaction with this mobile payment terminal they talking about his 10 best features.

    1.many different types of business and payment scenarios.

    2.10-hour battery life

    3.many built-in features

    4.manage virtually everything

    5.have a built-in printer

    6.long battery life

    7.accept all payment types with no limitations

    Why Businesses Must Need Pax Machine?

    If you are taking payments from your till, on the road, door to door and in store outside of store Pax is best tools for you.


    There are many card machine to take payment like countertop, portable, mobile and more with coutertop you can only get payment from your store till,customer are comming to your shop till and pay their bills.

    With portable card machine you can take payment anywhere in your shop with wifi rangs.And with mobile credit card take payment from outside and inside of your store through 3g networks.

    But with Pax Credit card machine you can take payments from anywhere anytime inside & outside of your store it’s has wireless, portable and more option to getting payment from your shop or on the road or on the road.

    That’s why Businesses must need pax machine.

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