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Mobile Card Machine

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    Mobile card machines for small businesses

    Make your business simple with mobile card machine take payment from on the road or anyplace, anytime anywhere. Boost your sales now.

    •  Bring payments to your customers
    •  Bars & Pubs
    •  Cafes
    •  Restaurants

    What is Mobile Card Machine?

    A mobile card machine is a device that allows you to take payment from your till or on the outside of your shop, restaurant, bar, beauty, and salon anytime anywhere with 3G,4G connection.

    And this machine connected with SIM card no need any wifi, Ethernet or direct line to get payment from your premise.

    Through a mobile card machine, you can access all types of payments ( Credit cards, Masters cards, visa cards, google pay, digital wallets ) from your customer and there is no limitation if your customer outside of your business and it’s 300km from your till also you can take payments.

    This is the best payment solution for 

    • street food vendors.
    • Taxi drivers
    • Plumbers
    • food vendors
    • and more businesses

    These machines are equipped with the latest payment technology, allowing you to provide your customers with different ways of paying, including:

    The process works in the same way as a standard card machine, through your merchant account.All our payment processing terminals are fully compliant with the latest PCI DSS security standards.

    Why Choose Mobile Card Machine for Businesses

    Get payment from anywhere

    The best features is you can get payment from anywhere anytime from your customer.

    Customer to spend more

    It’s a easiest take payment solution so customer can easily buy with this payment terminal

    Low cost

    This payment terminal is low-cost from countertop, portable, and other card machines.

    How do mobile card machines work?

    The mobile card machine has a 3G / 4G SIM and this machine runs on battery and does not need any wires and it is connected to the mobile network.

    When a user puts his card on these tools, this machine reads the data and processes the payment with the card issuing bank and the payment is done easily after verification.

    10 Features of a mobile card payment machine

    After our many clients five start review and 100% satisfaction with this mobile payment terminal they talking about his 10 best features.

    1.small and portable:

    80% customers love this features because with this tools you can go outside your business and customer can pay with their credit card machine or phone so small and portable is making them ideal for businesses on the go.

    2.connect wirelessly

    If you want to decrease your customer pain then wireless payment solution is best for your business so this tools have the great features it’s doesn’t required wire or wifi.

    3.Accept all major credit and debit cards

    If you are go outside of your till for providing the home service then you see your customer have different credit card or digital wallet so there is a big problem to take payments but with this mobile card machine you can take major credit and debit cards payment as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay.


    It’s means they can process chip cards. This one is the great features for small and medium business owners.

    5.Have a built-in printer

    Taxi drivers, street food , plumbers this business are Go to the customer to provide service so after providing the service they can give them a receipt it’s helps both.

    6.Long battery life

    Meaning businesses can process many transactions before needing to recharge.

    7.They are encrypted

    meaning businesses can process transactions safely and securely.

    8.Variety of features

    such as the ability to add tips, track inventory, and send e-receipts.

    9.Easy to use

    Meaning businesses can start processing transactions quickly and easily.


    It’s doesn’t matter what types of size is your business everyone can affort this tools for their payment terminal.

    9 Benefits of Using a mobile card payment machine.

    Here is 9 best benefits for your business which can helps you to grow business to next level.

     1. Increased Sales - it’s can help increase sales by making it easier for customers to pay.

     2. Faster transactions – Customers don’t have to fumble around for change, so transactions are completed more quickly.

     3. Reduced costs – businesses save on costs associated with traditional point-of-sale systems, such as hardware, software, and merchant services fees.

     4. Scalability – Whatever your business small, medium or Big it’s can be scaled to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

     5. Improved customer service – It’s helps to improve customer experience by offering features such as receipts, loyalty programs, and customer databases.

     6. Flexibility – Now 2022 every business needs flexibility and this thing comes from many digital tools that can change your business digitally, with this mobile payment terminal can be used anywhere, so businesses can accept payments in any location.

     7. Decreased Fraud: help reduce fraud by making it more difficult for thieves to use stolen cards.

     8. Reduced queue times – Customers can pay at any time, so they don’t have to wait in line.

     9. Greater security – businesses can accept payments without having to handle large amounts of cash.

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