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Counter Top Card Machine

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    Best Countertop Card Machine For Businesses

    Paymentsave Provides you best countertop card machine for businesses, if your business takes payments from a fixed point it helps you to get payment faster from your till or reception point.

    • High Street Stores
    • Reception Points
    • Bars & Pubs
    • Corner Shops
    What is Countertop Card Machine?

    The Countertop card machine is a payment gateway through this machine you can take payment from your customer to your till, it's the lowest cost payment solution for any business but it's 100% secure and fast.

    Paymentsave provides you the best quality service in the UK, we have an expert team who can manage and solve your business payment gateway problems within an hour.

    if you need any suggestions for which card machine is best for your business contact us now.

    How Do Countertop Card Machines Work?

    Here is the basic 4 Concept for how countertop card machine works, we think it's help you to grow your business with efficient.

    Countless Payment

    PCI-PTS 5x Certified

    Convenient NFC payment

    Robust thermal printer

    All Payment cards accepted

    With a countertop card machine your business takes payment from any cards without any problems and it’s so faster to get payment.

    Features Of Countertop Card Machines

    Our countertop card machine allows you to accept all major credit and debit cards such as American Express, Visa and Mastercard. Apple pay and contactless are enabled, so you will be able to provide your customers with faster payment on any sales under £30.

    The machine itself either connects to your telephone line or broadband network and plugs into an electrical socket. It’s easy and simple to install and set up, just follow the instructions on the screen. All of our countertop machines are safe, secure and speedy, they also have the following benefits…

    Connect your Countertop to your till is as easy as 1, 2 , 3

    This is our 1,2,3 Steps to get your credit card machine on your small business counter

    Get your free quote

    Connect with us and talk with our consultent team and give us details about your business and it's free to consultant. 

    Get Setup in 3 days

    Within 3 days our expert team setup your countertop machine and there is zero erros with 100% security.

    Fast Payment & Simple Reports

    Our team transfer payment to your bank next working days and also gives you simple reports about your business sales, it's helps you to manage your shop better.

    How Much Does a Credit Card Terminal Cost?

    A credit card terminal typically costs around $39-$200. it depends on business size and requirements. there are two or three types of payments system you can pay monthly, per transaction, or subscription system.

    So it’s totally depends on your business and your requirements.

    If you having problem which one is best matching for your business contact us, we solve your problems with full explanation why it’s good or which one is giving you better performance.

    With Countertop Take Payment Easily

    Countertop machine is a great way to take payments easily and efficiently.This machine makes it simple to take payments by card, they're accepted by all major payment gateways.

    Simply insert your card into the machine and follow the prompts. The machine will then ask you to enter the amount of the purchase and will process the payment quickly and easily.

    This is a great way to take payments, whether you're a small business or a large corporation.

    Countertop machines are fast, efficient, and secure.So it’s help your business to grow.

    5 Benefits of countertop card machine.

    There are many benefits to using a countertop card machine over traditional methods of payment. For one, it is much faster and more efficient. This can save time for both the customer and the business owner. Additionally, it is more secure and offers more protection against fraud. Finally, it is more convenient and allows for more flexibility in terms of payment options.

     1.easy to use - just swipe or insert your card and enter your PIN.

     2. fast - you'll be able to process transactions quickly and move on to the next customer

     3. convenient - customers will appreciate being able to use their card to pay, instead of cash or check.

     4. secure - with the latest encryption technology, you can be confident that your customers' information is safe

     5. versatile - you can use them for credit, debit, and gift card transactions.

    Countertop card machines are a great way to take payments quickly and securely. They're easy to use, fast, and convenient, and they offer a high level of security for your customers.

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